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  • The entirety of this season was riddled with examples of characters acting nothing like themselves. Burnham outright says she’ll let terrorists get away unless she’s added to a mission, Rhys/Owo mention that people can cloak but they have a way to track them then never use it and get surprised after visually clearing a room, S1 Burnham during that weird time skip episode acted nothing like her Season 1 counterpart, Book had access to information that was said in Season 3 he couldn’t possibly have… It’s like they just let random people guest write every episode of the season.

  • You and apparently everyone else.

    Zealot Barbarians at higher levels become immune to death to a certain extent. You can knock them down to 0 HP and they can still keep fighting. But at that point you’re at a fairly high level and level 1 spells like sleep should be completely behind you. But the zealot barbarian, despite being partially immune to death at that point, has such a low amount of HP that they’re vulnerable to the sleep spell. While killing a zealot barbarian becomes difficult in that state, you could put them to sleep with a simple level 1 spell. Their rage ends and then they’re dead.

  • Why not just do 20 jumps and find out? Didn’t they do like 100 in short succession in season 1?

    They had trails but not end points. They knew the direction of travel but not where they would stop. With speed variances and cloaking shit that would have been a no go. Book was needed for that end point. A point he should not have known but that’s a completely different complaint.

    I saw the second episode which was better. 2 out of 10. This season is testing my fucking patience though and I don’t see Burnham as anything other than a shitty person now. Everything that comes out her mouth annoys me and feels unearned, undeserved, and outright insulting. Like when she starts talking down to someone for behavior she’s guilty of in that same episode I want to just start beating the shit out of Sarek for proving that you cannot raise a human under Vulcan ways and have them end up as anything other than a monumental cunt.