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  • Comments like the one above make fun of how Netanyahu and the Israeli right use the term “antisemitism”, and how they want us all to use it in an absurd way that supports their political objectives and inoculates them against criticism. The comment attacks the Israeli right’s undermining of the notion of antisemitism, not the notion itself. To preserve our ability to call out actual antisemitism we must reject this politically motivated attempt to spread the concept so wide and thin that it loses all force.

    I think that’s the point of comments like the one you’re replying to: they’re ridiculing the Israeli right’s narrative, not following it.

  • In the article, Hain wrote "Debates about Zionism, one state or two states…are all welcome conversations on campus”, but he said statements of support for the “Palestinian Resistance” equated to the “normalization of Hamas…[and] a point-of-no-return moment at Columbia”.

    So it’s OK to hold an abstract debate on the merits and demerits of Zionism, but quite outrageous to suggest the Palestinian people might not just accept being genocided without any fuss. If the thought that they might object to their own slaughter occurs to you, then you must hate Jews. This reasoning is nuts.

  • Am I likely to be annoyed about where the fiber comes into the house?

    That one depends on the company installing it. When I got it installed they asked me exactly where I wanted the fiber to terminate and ran it through the house to an outlet under my desk. So let them know and they might put it where you need it.

    As for the router, I recommend buying a mini PC with at least 2 Ethernet ports and 4GB of RAM and running OPNsense. It’s great and will give you all the control you need. Or you can repurpose any old PC you have lying around and just add some Ethernet ports on a PCIE card.